Underwater Photoshoot

Nothing More

yes, indeed.

About the Project

This project was a lot of fun but tiring because I can’t breathe underwater.  So resetting the composition for every single shot and only being able to communicate when we came up for air presented a real but welcomed challenge.

I bought a Canon G9 with an underwater housing on a whim in Hawaii. Months later when the band asked me to do the photography for their upcoming album art I knew I wanted to try something underwater.  The band said they wanted the look of the photos to be ‘ethereal’ and let me take it from there.

I’d seen underwater shoots before that looked rather unimaginative- most times it was just a band in someones pool with a few props and a few suffocating smiles.  I rented a black back drop to throw against the back wall of the pools deep end.  Then I created a custom trigger using an optical slave against the in-camera flash.  With a little silicone and 25 foot sync cord I was able to trigger strobes as wonderfully dramatic top and back lights.

*DISCLAIMER: No band members where harmed (too badly) during the making of this album art.