Behind-the-Scenes Photoshop

A behind-the-scenes peak into the process of my digital darkroom.

the magic of blue screen

close up of background layers (the seams were hidden in the final).



Alternative Press Magazine

How many layers?
Over 20 Photoshop layers.

Behind The Scenes

The band was passing through town for one day and the magazine needed the shoot completed on a tight deadline. The band only had an hour to shoot so we had to have everything prepped and tested by the time they arrived so I decided to do the shoot in my friends garage. I bought a roll of blue backdrop paper and we taped it to the walls to avoid painting them.

The car was actually a taxi my friend had somehow acquired from the movie ‘Ali’ with Will Smith.

For this shoot I decided to take a huge risk and attempt something that if done poorly would come off as something horribly amateur and cliche. The band’s name “As Cities Burn” inspired me to take a crack at expressing a visual narrative that included a literal interpretation of their name. At the time I had never attempted anything this ambitious as far as time constraints, craftsmanship and execution. I think it was worth the risk and to date it’s still one of my favoritre photographs.

Before and After Images

Below are the progression of images from raw, to the version I submitted to the magazine, to the published version with copy.

Stock Image Elements Used