Let’s work together!

I’m available for creative commissions, collaborations and consultation work across all storytelling mediums including print, screen and stage!


If you’re looking for creative content I would love to help you.

Since 2002 I’ve worked in high pressure, creative collaborative environments, dealing directly with hundreds of clients as the founder of a boutique creative shop buck+change™. I tend to exceed expectations, delivering larger-than-life quality content to my clients on time, and on budget.

I’m an award-winning, chart-topping, internationally published producer, storyteller, and consultant who’s pitched, negotiated, and closed over a hundred creative projects since 2002.

Since 2013 I’ve been recognized as a thought leader and speaker with credits such as a TEDx talk, a CreativeMornings lecture, as well as various other speaking engagements and conferences– including philanthropic work in the anti-sex trafficking advocacy world with my art show and gallery exhibit REHUMANIZE.

These are the kind of people I have worked with over the years:

– Filmmakers & Storytellers

– Artists, Musicians & Creatives

– Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs

– Large Organizations & Enterprises

– Non-Profits & Ministries

– Human beings with a pulse that want to think differently 

If you’re interested in working with me, here’s an overview of what I’ve done, and what I can do for you:

I have served as a consultant to company’s such as, the Improv Comedy Club, as well as various other businesses and individuals alike. My areas of specialty include:

– Film/Video/Media production (experienced in every aspect of creating an indie feature film).

– Messaging and Communications

– Storytelling (For Artists, Communicators and Businesses)

– Concept Creation (Anything from a publicity stunt to a web commercial to a feature film)

– Entrepreneurialism (Full-time entrepreneur since 2002)

– Small Business Strategy

– Crowdfunding Expert (served as a consultant to IndieGoGo in 2011.)

– At the risk of sounding vague, if you’re an individual that is ‘stuck’ in your career/vocational path, I might be able to help get you ‘unstuck’. 


Video Production
I have 15 years of hands on experience with video production including the creation of award-winning short films screened on the festival circuit, chart-topping music videos for cable TV, live concert videos with worldwide distribution– and most recently, producing, writing and directing an independent feature length film. My core competencies include:

– Producing

– Directing

– Writing

– Cinematography

– Storyboarding

– Budgeting

– Scheduling


Public Speaking
I am an experienced public speaker with credits including:

– TEDx talk

– CreativeMornings lecture

– Stand up comedy

– Keynote speaker at an anti sex-trafficking advocacy event with REHUMANIZE.

– Various other conferences and engagements.


Give me a call and let’s make this happen for your brand, band or business. I’m an internationally published photographer and have travelled for commissions around the globe. My passport is up to date, and my flight kit is always ready to go!

Take a look at some of my larger-than-life photography commissions here:

– Editorial Case Study and Testimonial (Music)

Underwater Photo Shoot

Photoshop Skills (Behind the Scenes)

– General photography portfolio.

Corporate Photography (with a twist of course)

– Rob Bell Book Photography

Album Art Photography