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Music Video Intro for 3x Grammy Nominated rock band Nothing More

I was commissioned to create the opening prelude (0:00 - 1:19) for the bands House On Sand music video.

AI WORK NFT Art Commission

[W]HOLY PEOPLE (teaser) Ad

Thrice | Music Video Concept

Come and Take It | AI Short Film

STUCK | AI short film


Blurry Creatures

"I think Bigfoot is blurry, that's the problem. It's not the photographer's fault. Bigfoot is blurry, and that's extra scary to me. There's a large, out-of-focus monster roaming the countryside." - Mitch Hedberg

The Beast Within

"Maybe there is a beast… maybe it's only us." – William Golding (from 'Lord of the Flies')

"I like the stonk."


THRIVE | Make Money Matter.

Wolf Diamonds | Custom-Crafted Experience


I’m an artist, wounded healer and spiritual misfit.

I've directed chart-topping music videos and was a commissioned photographer for a top rock n' roll magazine.

My credits include a feature film, a touring art show called REHUMANIZE, comedy, and a TEDx talk to name a few.

MUSIC VIDEOS (2004-2009)

thelastplaceyoulook (2009)
100k+ views as unsigned band

Micah Stampley (2007)
6 weeks #1 Gospel Music Channel
450k+ YouTube views, +
millions via broadcasts

He Is Legend (2006)
Top 10 most viewed on their  label
1M+ views across all platforms


In this award-winning short film, Tanner’s coming out of the closet takes an unexpected turn, testing the limits of love and acceptance in his family. (NSFW)

So funnyBoston LGBT


New Film Makers Los Angeles

(April 2014, LA, California)

Crossroads Film Festival

(April 2014, Jackson, MS)

Boston LGBT Film Festival

(April 2014, Boston, MA)

Kansas City Film Festival

(April 2014, Kansas City, KS)

DEADcenter Film Festival

(June 2014, OKC, OK)

We Like 'Em Short

(August 2014, Baker City, OR)

Sydney Underground Film Festival

(September 2014, AUSTRALIA)

Hamilton Int. Short Film Showcase

(September 2014, NEW ZEALAND)

Chicago Comedy Film Festival

(October 2014, Chicago, IL)

Tampa Intl. Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

(October 2014, Tampa, FL)

REMI award for Cinematography

(April 2014, Houston, TX)


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Be Not Afraid Poster

"In his directorial debut, writer/director Taylor Gahm shakes up the faith-based genre with an unrated, irreverent exploration of faith, inadequacy and identity." (NSFW)

Challenging the religious status quo instead of peddling canned answers, Gahm paints a whimsically messy picture of faith through humor, believable characters and a generous orthodoxy.

Inspired by his TED talk, Be Not Afraid! invites audiences into a world where angels are just as flawed as the humans they’re sent to serve, and entertains the idea of a God thrilled more with humans discovering their True Selves than just trying to behave."



Taylor Gahm Sponsor Logos
Taylor Gahm Winner

Be Not Afraid! was funded in part by a
grant from the City of Houston through
Houston Arts Alliance.